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Eugene A. Camposano, Attorney at Law is dedicated to uplifting those of Malvern who are living with overwhelming, stressful debt. You deserve to feel confident in your financial future, and our law firm can help make that happen. Since 1994, we have been there to guide and represent people through their bankruptcies and towards financial stability. Regardless of what caused your significant debt — from job loss to unexpected illness and injury — we are the legal team that can help you find hope.

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Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

Before diving into a bankruptcy filing, you should first know whether or not it is the best option for you. For many people with debt, there are alternatives to bankruptcy to consider first. When you let our Malvern bankruptcy lawyer assist you, we can start off by first deciding if bankruptcy is even the right choice. If bankruptcy is the right choice, we can complete a “means test,” which compares your income to the median average income in Pennsylvania. This will help us determine which chapter of bankruptcy is right for you.

The Many Benefits of Bankruptcy

Do not let entertainment media convince you that bankruptcy is all bad, or that it will leave you with nothing to your name. In reality, bankruptcy has many benefits, including federal and state exemptions that shield certain assets valued under certain amounts from being affected by your bankruptcy. It means you might be able to keep most of what you own now, even if you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Some of the key benefits of bankruptcy are:

  • Halts foreclosure proceedings
  • Pauses automatic bill payments
  • Prohibits creditor calls
  • Eliminates wage garnishments
  • Discharges unsecured debt
  • May even lower car payments

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Bankruptcy might just be the perfect solution you need to overwhelming debt that just will not get under control, no matter how hard you try. We know the decision is not easy, which is why we dedicate our time to making certain you understand bankruptcy and want to actually use it. Your satisfaction is our top priority from start to finish!

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